I got asked a question

So I was talking to a friend about my sobriety. Each day I’m sober it feels the urges seem to get a little stronger. Like they see they are losing and are fighting harder for me to relapse. He asked me how do I handle it. I sat quiet for a minute and said “when I feel completely miserable from not drinking its a small reminder that I do have a problem. If I didn’t then it wouldn’t be this hard to stop. So in those times I distract myself with games on my phone or talking to someone.” It’s so crazy to think I was so blind to my problem. I knew I loved to drink and I could function with it but until I actually tried to stop 100% is when I saw the ugly truth. I was an addict. And now I’m in recovery. I’m 11 days sober. I want wait to hit 2 weeks and more. God bless and stay strong everyone.


Awesome story thanks for sharing. Congrats on the double digits :slight_smile:


Great post! Took me 20 years to realize that. I was like you and just thought I loved to drink. I didn’t even know I had a problem till I tried to quit.