I had a dream about snow :)

winter is comming.

i had 1 dream lastnight about snow. i was just about to go on my porch when it started to come down. it hit my jacket bouncing off. then when i went to go inside i saw a very good old friend show up on his bike. he yelled hey its snowing and we chatted. then i woke up.

got me thinling how simple it is; life, sobriety, family, friends.

have a good day guys


Got my 24hours down. Im in a good place

Just got to use my head this time

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Beautiful dream. I get it was very comforting. Hold onto that.

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heyy goodmorning.

you always have something nice to say
thank you

how are you today?

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Thank you for that beautiful acknowledgment. I am doing good :slight_smile:

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That was nice, thank you for sharing :pray:

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the simplest question… how are you could have a very complicated answer

i learned that a while ago

its a under rated question
if your answer is missed, truck on.

you all are important <3

I love this…thank you for sharing x

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i have day 2 days complete on to day 3.

i couldnt figure today out. i was late for everything. i would rather be early to get my feet in place insted of just diving in. its all ok though. yesterday is over, tomarrow isnt here yet and right now im making some tea. yes tea. coffee sounds too intimadating. tea is more relaxing to me :slight_smile: