I hate not being ready


So I had this girl I met at as and everything seemed to be going good. Then we made plans twice too hang out and she just blew me off the second time we made plans. I feel like I’m the common denominator in the reason I’m single and can’t find someone to just have fun with…


Just a perspective I have anxiety and major social anxiety especially without my friend alcohol and Xanax to help. It’s really hard for me to put myself into new situations right now especially in early recovery. She might just have a few of those issues too and I wouldn’t take it personally.


How much sobriety do you have? How much sobriety does she have? Dating before a year is not recommended. If you found her in a group, I’m sure her sponser told her not to go out with anyone.
Also “someone to just have fun with” is a huge turn off. Have you told her you have no interest in anything but “having fun”? As a female, if you told me anything along those lines, I wouldn’t talk to you anymore.


Not sure where you’re from but there are meet up groups in the Chicago area for people to find others with the same interests to hang out with. Try searching online.


Now what do you mean by ‘having fun’? Cuz to me having fun means being out finding things to do sober so I’m not bottled inside with my anxiety. If that’s what you mean, you need to clarify with her. Cuz like Sober_ninja said,tm ‘having fun’ isnt the best thing to say.


No I don’t think I told her just to have fun she asked me out and I told her we could get ice cream or whatever. But I have eight months and so does she but she’s really got her serenity together a lot more than I do. So I feel like I need to give it time and work on myself more because I’m definitely not ready for a relationship


I meant for me in general to enjoy some time with someone not “have fun” I’m tired of five minute relationship’s