I have a ? For whoever can answer

Is non alcohol beer a good idea yes or no ??? If its 100% free of alchol. Let me know what you think please.


There’s a lot of threads on non alcoholic beers. Type it into the search magnifying glass up above. You’ll get tons of answers.

I personally would not drink them. I’m afraid it will lead me to “GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!”

My son who is in recovery likes them. He is still sober 5 years plus.


Thank you patron tell your son to keep up the good work!!!

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Thank you Nicole I love the taste of beer!

I had an N/A beer recently at a bar. I wouldn’t recommend that specific combination. I have a few years of sobriety and it was just too close for comfort. It tasted kinda terrible too.

But if it helps you stay sober at home…I mean it’s worth a try to see.

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I have been drinking them without issue. Meaning I’m not missing or craving the real thing or tempted to go out and get the real thing. I read several posts on here and noted that many people are against it, but…idk, I guess it depends on you. A major bummer though is the NA beers cost just as much as the real stuff so that sucks…but I don’t drink as many in one sitting as I used to with the real stuff so there’s that. :woman_shrugging:


I think you’re right. It really depends on the person. During one of my many past attempts to get sober, I tried non-alcoholic wine in a wine glass. Yaaaa, that didn’t last long at all. It was too close to the real thing. It was a trigger for sure. But, five months into sobriety, this time around, while on vacation, my son bought me a poolside virgin daiquiri. I panicked for a minute, got my head on straight, and tasted it. Oh man that was good! LoL It didn’t trigger me one bit. It was more like a treat. My feeling is that if you use it as a replacement, it won’t work. But, if you use it as a treat for yourself, it’ll be okay. Again, though, everyone’s different :wink:


Have a soft drink why drink something that mentions Alcohol ? and it tastes like nanny goats piss , nice refreshing drink soda water and lime ,


Hahaha “nanny goats piss” :laughing:


Personally I think it depends whether beer was a DOC for you. For me it was wine and wodka, an AF beer doesn’t trigger me at all. I don’t make the connection between beer and getting drunk. It’s a personal thing I guess. It’s the same with alcohol in food, some need to steer clear of it, others can handle it.

With alcohol in food I mean the residue after cooking. Not drizzling liquor over ice or something like that :see_no_evil:

I thought you had to drink Iron Bru up there in Scotland. Mind you, it tastes like billy goat’s piss to me.


Like @Dazercat said there are a ton of older threads on this that you can read through. Just to throw my opinion/preference out there again, I personally stay away from it. A lot of the “non-alcoholic” beers have some alcohol like others have said and I never drank beer for the taste.

I don’t know why but having one would somehow make me feel like I was cheating or even relapsing. It’s seltzer water by the case for this guy.


Ha ha I’m laughing my head off here Ray! Nanny goats piss… fantastic :rofl::rofl:

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In the summer I had a few NA beers whilst barbecuing, they were refreshing and it made ME feel like I wasn’t missing out, they served a purpose for me at the time. I bought a box of them and since the summer I’ve not fancied one at all. I’m well into diet Pepsi’s as my drink at night. They didn’t trigger me but you have to go with what would work for you. I also cook with booze but a lot of people don’t. It’s what ever works for you x

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Irn bru ok get used to it with a nice big plate of haggis , got to catch one first then skin it yum yum

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