I have failed once again

I’ve tried. I wanted to try. Ended up miserably failing. I was very motivated to put an end to it, but last night I drank 12 500ml beers, which would equal to a whooping amount of 6 liters. It is too much.
What can I do? How can I give up on alcohol forever? It only ruins my life more and more. I am 22 and I need to get rid of this addiction somehow.


Some part of you is running to drinking, to escape. That part of you needs to be seen and managed.

Groups like AA and SMART recovery (or similar) work if you keep an open mind and work the program. Have you tried one yet?


My name is Liza, I’ve been clean for 5 years, It’s not been an easy way, it is a everyday job. You need to come back here when you’re feeling the DOC is calling on you. And remember there’s no running, there’s only facing reality. We are all addicts of some sort here It’s called an addiction, And they don’t simply just go away.
When you are struggling come here and ask for help! There is someone here 24/7 also looking for someone to talk to. There are many good people here that will help you through your struggles. Please believe me when I say there’s lots of great people here with lots of good insight, and experiences, The same as you and I that are more than willing to help, tell and listen. All you have to do is ask or read. This is the best advice I can give you. For me Keep clean is to keep your hands busy then your mind will follow. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Stay away from people, places, and things, that you’re used to hanging out with. And go to an meeting AS, EA, HA, SMART, SA or NA where other X addicts are. Not necessarily in-person, nowadays but
online as COVID-19 has hurt all of us.You will find they’re very friendly and very welcoming, and that’s where addict s need to be believe me I know.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:and I’ll pray for you. And you need to look to your higher power for strength and remember to thank him for the days that you’ve already accomplished of not harming yourself due to alcohol, being clean, and he’ll give you another day. And Believe me in every lesson comes a blessing.:hugs::pray::purple_heart:


Don’t think about the future right now. All you have to do is get through today. Then do the same thing again tomorrow. One day at a time is all any of us can do. If you find you’re struggling to get through the full day then break it down into hours or even minutes. Keep yourself busy when you feel an urge and know it will pass.


Hey I’m Jay…2 years without booze. I got a support group. I like The Dharma Group. I come to this site daily. Be around people that are not drinking and have found a better way. Whatever group works for you…but you need others on the same path. It really is the best medicine. Keep trucking on…dust off and start over.


Im sure there will be a young persons AA meeting on near you or zoom wish you well


Thank you all for your support and great advices. I feel like talking to a family that I’ve always wanted and one that understands my problems. Where I live if you go vegan or don’t drink you’re considered weird even by family. Hope you’ll all have an amazing life!

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What have u tried so far to quit? Randomly doing things by yourself won’t help, at least, it didn’t help me. I needed structure, personal development and connections to others. I got the first two from aa, and connections on here. If what u are doing now isn’t enough, try something else.