I have not been on a lot lately but that's only because of the best reasons possible

I clocked in 2 months! I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been offered more jobs than I can decide on, my kids have started a new school year, I’ve made progress remodeling my house, my oldest son just turned 13. I have not been on TS because I have been living my life. I dont doubt that I need to check in daily, however, I’m feeling a lot like I’ve found some success.


Wow, that is awesome! Just never let your guard down, Satan is very deceiving.


I just thought you were recouping from the camping. Look at all the ass you’re kicking with a clear head! Keep living the dream and staying strong, Jen. Insperation, indeed. :v:

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Awesome! Sounds like things are going great. Amazing how life is better when we make better changes. Keep it up!!