I have run out of choices

Hi ST,
I need to get serious @ drinking, I have been following all the ST ppl got inspired, stopped for 34 days, then stopped & started, I am now realising that total commitment is through admitting my alcoholism, sharing & talking to you all up front & not hiding & knecking it neat from the bottle, my whole family know, I am 58yrs , admitted to hospital a couple yrs ago with ruptured duodenal ulcer, near dead, & I am still drinking, I have to stop, it starts now


“I have run out of choices”…I dont see it like that…as said in Shawshank Redemption…“get busy living, or get busy dieing”

You can do this, this is a great first step. We are here to help.


Don’t underestimate yourself. I know how tricky it can be to stop, but the hard part doesn’t last forever. I tried to quit at least 50 times before I quit. I went to 4 rehabs and 3 detoxes. Please don’t give up.


So many choices left still, actually more BECAUSE of sobriety/recovery, I 100% agree!


Thanks, I have read so much on this site, teared up at times, now I am tearing up seeing my plee, it means so much to be part of the ST family, I shall start one day at a time


There will be good days, there will be bad days. 3 things kept me going. 1) drinking is simply not an option, 2) I am worth a sober life. 3) it takes a community to keep one sober.


Nice to have you join us Jen. This is a great community.

Hi @Jenyoyo it’s great to have you in this community. You now have the choice to live a sober exciting life. I hope you enjoy your sober journey as much as I am enjoying mine.

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Hi Gillsy, thanx for your good wishes I am on day two, I have visited ST for couple of months, love the advise, support, knowledge & the massive achievements I have read, I am inspired, I am ready to do all it takes, no more booze.
My back teeth feel like they have been welded tog, forehead whacked with a rod of steel, sweatin aplenty, not complainin tho!! :wink:


Hoping for a check-in from @Jenyoyo. I agree with the other that there are going to be so many more options once you are fully sober.

Have you figured out any activities that will help you stay sober? For me it’s meditation and focusing on my health. Hope you find your thing!


Hi Tangerine, well today is day four feeling strong, most of the time. I started Thai Chi, robotic at mo, need to find my Chi! On ST, for support, all the time & love being part of everyone’s journeys, bought several books ppl have suggested, meditation app, yeh doing as much as I can to stay sober.
I am determined.
AND I wish you a very happy sober journey :orange_heart:


Have you considered goi6to an AA meeting? More than a year into my sobriety, I don’t go as often anymore but it’s still part if my recovery plan. I absolutely love TS, but at times I need human contact. Sitting in room surrounded by other addicts is like adding a protein boost to my Jamba Juice. I draw strength from their stories of sobriety and can also help others by my share.


Welcome! There are a lot of helpful ppl here and I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. 34 days is great also:)

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Good Mornin @Wunderbar,
Many moons ago went to AA in London, meetings galore, AM through to PM, every day, went @ 3-4 xs a week, stopped booze @ 3mths, felt great, invincible, until I tried to share, always ended up a blubbering snotty blob, last time emotions got so bad, the speaker asked me to see her aft the meeting, I sneaked out, didn’t go again, got a few calls but didn’t reply… went back to my old relapse pal. Now I live in a village, nearest town is small, meetings on Monday only, a bit of a drive to others again once a week, support is minimal here, referred by doc to recovery centre, met one to one balling my eyes out again, but had stopped for 10 days prior to meeting, she then wanted to put me in group therapy, tell others how you stopped etc!, ( I can’t talk openly @ me) & contact DVLA to see if I could keep my driving license whilst in recovery I called back & cancelled .
So I think, as well as this app I shall see what AA support is on line…
Appreciate your advise, on day five today, baby steps :flushed:



Thanx for advise, going to get some extra support, looking into it now, thanx again

I really need to watch that movie

Long but worth it. The prison it was filmed at was not to far from where I grew up in Ohio, The film doesnt do it justice, for worse of a hell hole in real life.

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Hoping you’re still “on the wagon” as it were.
A lot of people, I would venture to say most even, experience a lot of emotion when quitting. It’s kinda like all of the emotions you don’t have when your to drink to notice them off feel them suddenly all rush to the front of your brain.
And yeah every time I spoke at an AA meeting I cry. I think for me it was the hardest part of getting sober the first time. I made it to 120ish days. In between then and now I went to a therapist and worked on the emotional stuff first. This time it’s a lot easier since I got that emotional road block out of my own way.

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Yeh, watch the movie?

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