I have to start somewhere right

Hi, I’m 37 years old and live in the UK. If I am honest, I have known I have an alcohol addiction for a long time, but was kidding myself I could control it. Woke up this morning and blurted out the words “I’m an alcoholic and I need help” to my husband. He is super supportive but this journey is going to take a lot of work. So glad I found this group for some much needed guidance and positivity!


Welcome to the community. The support here is awesome. I relapsed and have just started my day 1 today.

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Hi and welcome, you sound very similar to me. I am also from the uk, 50 years old and am back on day 3 again. I’ve just been reading through the AA website info, I made a complete eejit of myself on Saturday.
Hope to see you around x

Hi there :raising_hand_woman:
There are worse places to start :wink:
This app has helped me a lot in becoming sober and stay that way.
We all think we can control it, I thought so too.
But it controls us.
So stick around and join by reading and talking here like you do now, it really helps!