I just did it

So I finally told two of my friends that I’m quitting drinking/partying. They have been asking me to go out with them and I keep saying no but I didn’t want them to think it was them when it is my addiction. They were supportive and said that we could do dinner anytime. I feel relieved but also scared. What if I screw up will they ever take me serious?


There is a lot of things that go into getting sober. One thing is having some faith in yourself. The other is some determination. If you fear you will screw up…guess what is likely to happen.

So, we all had that fear…those that are successful on this journey…did something about that fear. Me? I found a recovery program that helped me address those fears


Good job on being honest with your friends and it sounds like they will be great support, don’t be afraid to reach out to other alcoholics aswell. AA isn’t for everyone but once I had an open mind about it my life started changing for the better. Find yourself some meetings to try out and who knows your sobriety could attract your friends one day. Good luck on your journey and always reach out before reaching for that drink of choice.


That is very reassuring to hear even just as a stranger on the internet, I can’t explain it by it feels warm and cozy to think about you being surrounded by people wanting the best for you. Good luck! Thank you for sharing.