I know I'm making progress because

This car just parked next to me and the weed smell is so strong, and I think it smells terrible! So glad to be clean.

How can you tell you are putting DOC behind you?


I am starting to mentally identify with being sober and alert and I feel like I am living up to my potential more. With this attitude that sobriety is a good part of my life it will be harder to fall back into romanticising it.


I have no desire to drink, whatsoever. I haven’t had any cravings to drink, only a passing thought or two. Rest of my family are responsible normal drinkers and there is a wine rack in the kitchen, where I spend a lot if time. There can be an open bottle of wine on the counter, and I don’t have to “resist temptation”, because I have become a non-drinker.

I know, deep in my soul, I will never drink again.

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