I lapsed on my sex addiction

205 gone,
Really ashamed of myself, maybe it was the stress, maybe its the fact theres apart of me that is struggling after been couped up for so long… Lapsed on sex… I thought i had a handle of it…i dont, i misjusged the evening and boom one things leads to another and as much as i was saying no it wasnt happening.

Feel like i owe you all a sorry.
I am an addict!


I support you and don’t beat yourself up. You owe no one an apology. Hope you feel better soon and it’s encouraging you’re so dedicated to becoming the best you you can be.

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I support u too I know it hard have additctin in all things in drugs and sex and rock and roll

You got what it takes to get back on the horse !
Don’t let this situation take you down or have you feeling like you can’t get back up your a fighter you got this @Tokigurl88.

@Tokigurl88…I understand addiction…I understand thinking I can handle it when I can’t. But you came right back seeking support and this is the best place to find it. I hope you are kind to yourself and forgive yourself.

I’m sorry to hear about it Danni. Sex addiction is so heartbreaking. We want to be independent and self-respecting but we run. We hide. We feel desperate.

I am not so much worried about an apology as about you and how you feel about yourself. I hope you have a place you can turn, maybe an SLAA group or another group - maybe it’s a TS thread! - where you have full, rounded support. It’s a process for us, as we nurture the garden of our self-understanding and self-respect.

You are a garden Danni. Your health is a garden. As the old story goes, life may dump a truck of manure in front of your house. You have two choices: sink into the manure until it’s all over you, or fertilize your garden. One choice leads you to a rich harvest :innocent:

You’re a good person Danni. A good person. You deserve a safe, sober life where you can be your full self. You deserve to explore your humanity, one step and one moment at a time, and to be present, in the full, deep, value of your life, your moments, your spirit-in-time.

You are human. You are someone who belongs, and whose story belongs.

Take care Danni :innocent:


I cannot imagine how difficult it is to have a sex addiction. Our sexuality is part of who we are. I would imagine the challenge a matter of “fencing” it in, and only allowing it to be expressed in controlled and appropriate ways. The addict struggles to close the gates when they want or need to, just as the alcoholic struggles to moderate or abstain.

You’ve held yourself accountable. Keep the lessons, and lose the guilt. Use this experience to harden your resolve, and resume your March forward.


I believe the one you owe the sorry to is yourself, for me realizing that keeping myself in my shame cycle kept me acting out and kept me from recovery.
Don’t beat yourself up, acknowledge your mistake (you did that by posting here) learn where you could have changed the outcome (sounds like you already have done that too) and build on where you were before the slip and keep it from becoming a full blown relapse.
I have no doubt you can do it!!!


Hello my beautiful girl. I am going to give you a great big big virtual hug right now :hugs::heart::blue_heart: You’re my smart and beautiful Danni and nothing you do is going to change that in my eyes. Unconditionally, I see you as a wonderful person. Falling down changes that about as much as cutting your hair :slight_smile: You’ll pick yourself up. You’ll dust yourself off. And you will continue to be wonderful you. We just have to work a little harder on our journeys :heart:

I know how that feels. It’s taken me a long time to realize that not only do I NOT have a handle on this, I never will. That’s okay. I’m learning to have peace with that.

Me and my stubborn pride; thinking that I have an answer to anything. I don’t.

@Tokigurl88, you’re being honest with yourself and with others. That’s good. But don’t give up… Ever. We’ve got today. Today is the most important day. Can’t do anything about yesterday. Don’t know about tomorrow. But today is what counts and what matters.

Thanks for sharing.


No you are human, none of us are perfect, xxx pick yaself up. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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