I let the news get to me

Well I had 94 days, then had a bad day yesterday, then made the mistake of watching the news and hearing about how we are possibly on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. I caved. I rationalized with myself that if we’re all gonna be nuked soon, then why does it matter if I’m sober?? But the truth is, I’ve been thinking about drinking again for a couple weeks now, and I think I was just looking for an excuse to do so. I had 2 glasses of my favorite wine & got a little buzz but not drunk… i couldn’t bring myself to get drunk. And you know what??? The world & my problems haven’t changed, but now i have a headache. I’m resetting my counter & I’ve decided if the end of the world does come, i want to be clearheaded & strong in case i have to fight zombies or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, those exact thoughts went through my head too over the North Korea thing! Good job on stopping after 2 glasses of wine, could have been way worse!

yea have to stay fit for the zombie apocalypse lol got my weapons ready in my man shed extra heavy doors and grill windows havnt told the wife need some fodder to distract them while me and my sons get to the shed lol


Glad you hit the brakes at two. You did let the AV best you there. Don’t worry, you are not the only one ever to do that. I like to keep up with what’s going on in the world, but don’t let it push you to this. As you said it doesn’t change anything in the big picture, just makes you feel bad. As far as news,there will always be the next big sensational story,so you can’t out drink them all.

Haha i did the same on the japan earth quake… when the fukushima nuclear reactors went into meltdown…

I just said screw being sober we are all screwed now anyway… i was sober for like 2 weeks before that… XD

Haha. I too am prepared for the zombies. LOTS of ammo. Food that will keep. I am always worried about enough water tho. I have 20 gallons and there’s always the swimming pool😉

You can always come to my house @Entsmom😉

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I agree that this news thing has been a complete drag, so I understand completely @anon73712025. I would be lying if said I haven’t wanted to go down to the bar and have a beer after watching. And i know i am not stoppong at two unfortunately. Just so depressing, no matter what side you are on. I guess what is sort of making some sense to me now is why would I want to follow one depressing action with an even worse depressant in alcohol.