I love enchiladas!

Making homemade enchiladas for me and the family (yes, the sauce, corn tortillas, but not the cheese). But this is the first time since I stopped drinking. Ahhhhh…but margaritas! Darn it, suggestions for drinks anyone :slight_smile:


Get some frozen fruits. Pineapple, mango, and papaya. And some coconut creamer. Blend well and your welcome :wink:


Yum Mike, sounds great!

@tribeSF Seltzer, fresh mint, tonic water and a good squeeze of lime. Enjoy your meal :drooling_face::blush:


@Mike_Lamica that was some legit stuff. Had to beat my kids off my mug :slight_smile: @Jane.c trying yours next weekend.

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I just ordered home delivery Taco Bell hehehe :joy:

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Topo Chico with lemon and chamoy on the rim.

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@Apes2020 I don’t smoke out anymore :crazy_face:

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Awesome glad you tried it.

Homemade limeade. It’s a bit of work, but the result is worth it. :+1:

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