I love Flula. I know I'm not alone


We can share our adoration of Flula here. Kills time. Causes laughter. Wish I had found this guy when I was newly sober.


What is life??? Lol :joy:


omg …I didn’t know there was such a thing as a funny German :rofl: thanks for introducing me to yet another youtuber I now have to bingewatch!


Lol, this one is my fav so far.

Your mother is jazz.


This one is how I found him. Come to find out I had seen him before without knowing it. My daughter likes the Pitch Perfect movies and he was in the second one.


I was literally just posting the link to this one, never gets old!!! :joy:


I know! It is so immature but I am fine with it.



Why exactly is he always in his car? It is part of the charm… but WHY IS HE ALWAYS IN HIS CAR!!!


The beans will make the sound of music!! :rofl:


Look, one without his car!


I gotta know what Germans call a camel toe with their slang.


We just go with camel toe as well … because “Kamelzehe” doesn’t sound as appealing :smile: