I’m done being the fun drunk

Well, I’ve decided to take the steps towards sobriety. I’ve never considered myself an alcoholic. I come from a family with alcoholics and I don’t drink like they do. I’m the social drunk. The drunk everyone has fun with. The drunk that blacks out. The drunk that makes stupid decisions.And ultimately the drunk whose actions hurt one of the people I love the most, actions I never would have committed had I not been that drunk. She disgusts me. She needs to go. She needs to let me take back my life and find better ways to enjoy myself. I anticipate that I will get looked at crooked or not taken seriously when my friends and family find out I’ve made the decision to quit drinking. I’m prepared for that. It’s not their place to judge. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Congrats on making that choice to make a change. Go all in!


Welcome. Relate to what you posted.

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Welcome! And congrats on taking control back of your life. You will never regret the decision not to drink, but will always regret that first one. Those who don’t support your sobriety are only insecure and want to bring you down to their level. Stay strong and Sober! You got this!


Welcome! Like you I never thought of myself as an alcoholic. I havent got into real trouble though drinking (police, street fights, arguments with loved ones etc) for years. I was the fun, party guy.
But then I realised I was spending more days hungover than not. I was drinking earlier in the evening and one bottle of wine didnt cut it anymore, so I’d get myself two and know I’d be running to the shop before closing to pick up a 4 pack of beer.
I started finding life hard to enjoy. Anxiety through the roof. Hobbies came second to drinking because you cant really do both at the same time. I felt incredibly unhealthy all the time. I was looking at every day through a headache. I’ve recently relapsed and all of these feelings come back and are magnified by a hundred times by my.own disappointment in myself.

So I made the decision to quit, despite not looking like what I thought an alcoholic looked like. I’m from a big drinking family so get the sneers and disbelief a lot. But they tend to become fewer and far between the longer I stick at it.

Good luck on your journey.


Hi and welcome 🙋
I’ve been we’re you are. We all we’re were you are one way or another. Admitting you have a problem is a big step to take and you just did it: congratulations! :tada: Now you can start to built on this foundation.
I’m one year sober today. I want to share this with you because it proves it’s doable. It’s not easy, no it isn’t. But it’s absolutely possible!
So make it happen!
Make that drunken life history and built a new one! You can do it! :facepunch:
Be here as much as you can and open up for the advices you get. Be ready to change, because changes are needed.
Hope to see you around often :heart:


Well done on making the decision that your drinking has become an issue. Keep up the good work, and don’t beat yourself up if you have relapses on the way, its part of the journey for some. Good luck👍

Glad you’re here!

I found holding on to these feelings of shame and disgust has been a really good motivator to stay sober. Not to put myself down, but just to not let myself forget. It’s easy to romanticise alcohol and being drunk as time passes.

Working out how to do life on life’s terms isn’t always easy, but it is straightforward, just don’t drink! Keep checking in, read as much as you can and reach out whenever you need to :pray::sparkling_heart:


Welcome on the forum, you are here at the right place!
Lot’s of help and support here. :muscle:t3::blue_heart:

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Thank you everyone for all of the support. I appreciate the advice and I’m determined to be a better person.


We share a lot of the same situations. My family drinks a lot, as did I, except i made a fool of myself and hurt too many people along the way- including myself. Everyone has to start somewhere, focus on yourself and dont worry what others have to say about your sobriety. Congrats and Welcome😊

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Remember your making this decision for you. You want to make a change so do it. Much like you I felt my friends were much worst then me. I am a binge alcoholic and I’d blackout when i drank too much. Now I am dealing with why I drank and how to cope. I am suprised with myself with how vocal I have become sober. I felt like the only how I could act like that is while drunk. My advice to you is read up on selfcare and setting healthy boundries. I am 155 days sober

Thank you… I know I’m committed to doing this for myself and standing behind my decision. I agree with addressing my “WHY”…