I’m here, 1 year!

I have made it almost a year clean. I‘lol be one year in May 30th. Detoxed 5 days in jail, joined a recovery group at a church near me and haven’t looked back. I was a mess this time last year. Lies, stealing, cycle of sick and high, destroying myself and my family. This is for anyone struggling. Get that one week clean, get that one month clean, chase your recovery like you chased that high and that drink. You got this. We all got this


That is awesome :clap: way to go Angie!!! I like that confidence in your post. And we are all worth that sober high. Love that sober high. Feels great! On day at a time.

Great post!
Great job!

Thank you for sharing your miracle with us

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AWESOME Job!!! now time for 2 years sober!!! smiles

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Crack on, CHAMPION!

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Congratulations on an entire year of getting better at getting better, each and every day! Better today than you were yesterday and tomorrow better still! Now get after year 2!


Way to go! You reminded me that there is a lot of lying involved with addiction.

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Hi Angie! I’m so happy to read this, congratulations!

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congratulations Angie, proper happy for you :v:

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Thank you!!!

Thank you!!

Thank you!

Thank you so much

Getting after it!!! Thank you

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Yes, so much lying and deceiving. Horrible way to live

Thank you!! I appreciate it

Thank you so much!!!

I bookmarked this post. I need to refer to it often to keep me on track.
I really loved this:


You are amazing. Congrats on almost one year clean. You’re kicking ass and taking names!

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That’s awesome!! Thank you for being an inspiration!! Staying sober no matter what!!

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