I’m ready to start dating

I’ve been separated from my husband, he’s moved on, and moved to a different state with his girlfriend. I was recently dating someone, but I know that I can not be with him forever bc he has certain things going on in his life that I can not be a part of. I have an 11 year old son, and I really want to have a family again. I’ve joined dating apps, but I don’t really like them.

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Well, welcome to TS Karyn! Sorry to hear about your split and the dead end relationship. This isn’t a dating site, but you should just put yourself out there. Do you go out at all? Go places you can meet people?

If you are new to sobriety or let’s say, under 6 months clean…then I would highly suggest not dating until you are at that point in your life. Your recovery should always be number 1, and trust me I want to date too. I am almost 3 years out of my last relationship and haven’t been with anyone since her, she was my rock and the breakup was incredibly heartbreaking. She was my world, and its almost been 3 years since we parted ways, I haven’t dated in that time, but I am at the point now where my mind is closer to wanting to, but only being about 2 months clean, I know I’m not ready in that regard. I also still have strong feelings for her, so between the two, I cant date right now as much as I would like to. I dream about this woman constantly and its been close to 3 years since seeing her, i cant even explain it