I made it! 30 days sober!

Hit my goal today, after 50 beer a week that’s a huge!!!

Many good things have come with it, I’m more productive, and kids are feeling good,
Have lost 20 pounds, have started regular gym training, I’m more interested how I look and
Dress, I have sleep better, more and go to bed same time as rest of the family, I’m really
Self-confident in all areas of life, I eat super heathy and take my vitamins, I have get rid of my
Blood pressure medication, I’m nicer to the people,

Some odd things also, I am quite certain that I feel god or something like that in the theater,
That was strange, never felt that way before, yesterday in the parking lot of locally grocery store
I suddenly got a some serotonin rush like you can have when you are young and that was awesome,
I just smiled alone there: D

Negative sides are that I can’t escape to my own drunk land and I miss it sometimes, especially
Night listening to music, wife is confused about this and don’t really know how to handle my
Rising self-esteem, maybe I was kind of easier with my chubby businessman looks and mental guilt, like a teddy bear
Witch you can control, now I’m a lion :), hopefully she can adjust for new me.

I have hit my goal, but don’t start drinking today and I promise that kids get a sober Christmas.

PS this forum have helped a lot, thanks everybody!


Now you can save your money and make your wallet fat!
Make yourself a sober land. 30 days is a huge accomplishment.


Awesome job!! I’m so jealous about the the 20 pounds. I can’t wait for day 30 and to lose weight. Good job and stay strong :tada::tada::tada:

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I like your teddy bear/lion analogy. I think my wife has conditioned herself to treat me differently as well. I plan to take control of myself and start leading my family like I should have been. I just think it’s going to take quite a while before her respect for me comes back.


I’m sure we get it back😇

@Bob awesome! Keep it up. Hope the next 30 are just as fruitful.

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In the begining I cut carbs 2 weeks away to get rid of the bloated face

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Visiting my brother in law today, didn’t drink a beer like we allways do and it was easy😇


Disagreenments with wife, normally I would go to the pub and drink, now I’m at the gym👹


Awesome workout for legs​:muscle::muscle::v:Gonna show that bitch that she can’t have me drinking!!!

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Lol @Bob

Sounds like you married my husbeast.

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