I need some inspiration PLEASE

I am REALLY trying not to drink but tonight I am feeling the urge. I am stressed out and my brain is obsessing the fantasy of the buzzed wine feeling. I know it won’t be worth it I know I will feel bad about it afterwards but for some reason right now I don’t care and I just want to feel the release. Thank you guys I already feel a little better writing this but I needed to tell someone so I don’t go to the corner store!


Best thing to do when the urge hits is get on here and share. Every time you beat that urge, it gets easier.


i needed ‘bad’ time so i went to the market and got myself a frozen pizza - ate the whole thing in one sitting! :joy:


Mint chocolate chip ice cream with Ruffles potato chips! Yum, sugar!


Man, I used to eat the whole pint of Moose Tracks and then some in probably the first six months I was sober. I also learned to take hour long baths with candles, music, Epsom salts, a book…anything to help that itch go away. Indulge yourself in whatever way you need, as long as it keeps you out of the bottle.


Cookies and coffee, long walks, going to bed early, making yourself do a bunch of sit ups, cleaning, reading. Those are just a few options.


Occupy your mind & your time I was struggling yesterday. I wanted drink so bad but this app & YouTube videos about not drinking (AlcoholMasteryTv). I also had to find the strength because I didn’t want to mess up the progress I had made, I would have disappointed myself. Make a list of the reason why you are choosing to be sober. You got this :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


I know what you mean I am going through the same thing so I came here instead of going to the liquor store. Thankfully I saw this post!


Thanks so much all of you. I made it through! I took my dog for a walk and then ate some carbs lol. Also a bubble bath :wink: y’all’s response REALLY helped me out and I greatly appreciate it. I feel a little bit stronger each time I overcome those cravings. I remind myself just how long it took me to try to get back on the wagon this time. Thanks again :blush::+1:


Glad it worked out :heart: And you will notice that every time you naile that craving it makes you stronger! :facepunch: