I need someone to talk to

I need someone to talk to, prefer maybe fb msg. Idk if that’s allowed but I don’t go to meetings as I’m uncomfortable there. Just someone I can message when I have the urge to drink. I’m coming up on day 12 and having a rough time. This forum helps but just seeing if anyone would like to be an accountability partner. If this isn’t allowed I apologize! Thank you :heart:


Oh I didn’t know you coul pm on here! Still learning :blush: thank you!


Look up smart recovery you can do this program online.


Awesome!!! Ty so much!

Can you message me? I don’t know how to message you lol

PMs on here, there are some great folks here.

Stay strong I know it’s tough. They have a good site online that has online AA meetings if that’s more comfortable for you. Intherooms.com


Thank you so much!

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You can message me if you need any extra help or opinion. My last name is pretty uncommon if you look up my Facebook. Just keep up the good work, never be afraid to reach out to people. I was at a meeting and someone shared that when he tried calling everyone he knew but no one answered. He then dialed a random number and someone picked up, he talked to that stranger for an hour and they actually listened. He never spoke to them ever again but that person made that guys day and possibly kept him from a drink, even doe just that day.

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Wow!!! That’s awesome! Thank you so much!