I need to quit smoking weed!

So i been tryin to quit smoking. I tried not smoking today but failed so bad. I have been smoking about 3 joints a day if not more for a few years now. Its affecting my health. And i feel like i need to focus on where im trying to go with my life and reaching my goals instead of smoking all the dam time.

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You need to have some willpower delete your dealers number and set goals that are achievable. I smoked weed for 22 years and stopped cold turkey, feel amazing. I am now 104 days clean and loving it. Good luck, this app helps too or it has for me. Tough out the cravings cause it’s not something you need just your brain telling you that you want it.


Hi there. I suggest that you have a look at the “stop smoking” and other books by Alan Carr. I got the “stop drinking” one on Amazon (Kindle) for under 5 euros, and it was definitely worth it. I know that his first book / method was for people who wanted to stop smoking… just a thought.
Good luck, we’re all glad that you’re here.

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Try not smoking an hour at a time. Break your day down into increments. If i just dont smoke this long, ill be ok…
Change up your routine! Stay busy! For instance rather than waking up smoking, i now have coffee and surf the web.
Pick up a new hobby or old one you lost due to smoking.
This app does help if you reach out for help!
Change up your people, places, and things. You keep going around your smoking buddies, you’ll do just that. Switch it up!
Hope this helps! And remember, one day at a time!

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Thanks! That gave me a different way to go about it!