I neeed help


hello guys i need help i had been suffering porn addiction for while so i cme here to get idea so plz can anyone is going to help me


You will get support here soon I can assure you of that! There are many regular members in your shoes my friend! I’m also a porn addict but I’m overcoming addiction to drugs right now and I’m on day 100! I hope soon I too can arrest my porn addiction…its been a vice for me recently which I know isn’t a good thing at all. Just my addiction finding it’s way into other aspects of my life.
Just offering you some comfort that you’re not alone :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps @rmgrimmer could be of some assistance! I know hes doing awesome with his recovery!


Lol. Thanks @Mitchell_Winsor. Not sure awesome describes me at 8 days, but I feel like I’ve got a better hold on it than I’ve had in years.

@Ak_Ibraahim read the threads dedicated toward sex, porn, love addictions. There is a lot of advice to learn from on them. Everything has been said and discussed before, nothing is new. On that note, addiction is addiction, no matter the DOC.

What’s your recovery plan? Made one yet, or just contemplating recovery?


I’ll tag a few more people here.

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Not so much the abstinitece time this time around buddy! Your experience in general :slight_smile:


guys thank youbso much all af you together we can fight agains this bad addiction…let me tell you one things my friends whenever i want relapse i open this app i read comment then i stop so we need together for me all you can ask me whatever you want .becouse always i with you i feel free to porn wallahi .


rmgrimmer .my recovery plan is first i will stop firstb3 month then forever this is my last time


So I am only a week clean, but I am new to changing my life just like you. Something I can testify of though is this: I am so much happier being clean from addiction that I ever thought I was having in it.

Something that has helped me is not giving into the little things. Each time I slipped up and relapsed, it always started with curiosity. If I started looking at little things, it would always lead to big things. I had to stay 100 percent away, in all of its forms.

I hope that this could help you greatly!


Sorry. I hope I’m not offending you by this; but, stopping one month and then forever is not a plan for success. That’s less than a goal, it’s a wish. How many times before have you said, “Never Again!”?

I went years and years of chronic abuse where I would say that after every binge. All of those statements ended the same, nothing changed.

A success plan means that you put up barriers, identify triggers, and generate a plan on how you will respond when those triggers come.

And the cravings will stop to some degree. But, the triggers will always be there. You will always be addicted to it, though you may stop using. All it takes is one binge after years of sobriety to put you back into a spiral of abuse again. The only solution is constant vigilance.


Day 2 sober from porn addiction. My only advice right now is don’t give up never, keep checking in and reaching for help. :slightly_smiling_face:


great guys i will read your comment every time i affraid to relapse it 's make me stronge


Hello guys what should i do i i relapse i feel sory


Stop immediately, refocus and start living sober again. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back on the horse. So what, you relapsed? Now start again.


Thanks i will do it sure it will be last


Let me also just council you against that rhetoric. Saying, “This is the last time” will never get someone sober. I said it for almost a decade. Accept that you are an addict and focus on changing your life, rather than just stopping porn.


Thank you sir


1.Identify the triggers
2. Watch lots of videos from youtube about nofap movement
3. You have to be mentally strong to overcome this.so, think about the positive outcome after quitting it for a long time in future
4.set the goals…
I am now 3 months sober… My personal experience,the urge of porn nd musterbtion will minimize after 1 month or 2.all u have to do is to keep faith in youself.best of luck


I officially had my longest streak ever at 98 days…
:man_facepalming:t5::man_shrugging:t5:… Welp start again I guess.


98 days is a really good record! Look at it this way, the longer and more frequent periods of sobriety you have the greater chance you have to rewire your brain against addiction. Repeated, consistent effort to break free is bound for success.


It’s constant vigilance that’s already been said. Sure you can stop the physical action of the addiction, but the more important factor is the MENTAL aspect, the culpusion. The thinking that what your doing is normal. There is nothing normal about an addiction.