I picked up last night

I picked up last night. I stared at it for an hour. Put it on a shelf and went to sleep. I don’t want to die. Anyone have any suggestions on how to walk away from your DOC?

How do you stay sober today?


Choose life @Reese! I think the world needs you in some way and you need to be present for that reason alone. It’s hard to say goodbye to the thing that occupied so much of our lives. I wrote a letter to myself highlighting all the reasons I needed to live clean.

I’m not sure what program you’re working and I don’t share your DOC but I’m here trudging one day at a time. Just like you. But it sounds like you need to contact a professional or get involved with group meetings at the very least.

  1. Get your DOC out of the house.

  2. Get to a meeting.

  3. Introduce yourself at the beginning, when New Comers are encouraged to do so.

  4. Keep GOING to meetings.

  5. Get a sponsor.


Yeah. I have a sponsor. I’ve been sober for a while now… I’m going to a meeting right now. I’ve never been this close to relapse. And I don’t want to give in right now even though I think I do


Get your DOC out of the house. Do not test your sobriety; life does that enough.


What helps keep me sober now is God. Hes the only one that can judge me at the end of this life and the fear of the lord is enough for me. Stay strong, get your DOC out of there and keep moving forward. Everyone is in here to help.


Picking up the phone always helps me


Like everyone said: get that alcohol out of your house! Why tempting yourself with it?
I share you my sober plan, it really helps me staying sober. Maybe it helps you too?

  • No alcohol in my house
  • Refrigerator filled with nice food and alc. free drinks
  • Telling my spouse about my sober plan
  • Avoid alcohol related activities and friends (at least in the beginning)
  • Having a day counter
  • Avoid wine/beer section in the supermarket and avoid liquor store
  • Taking a strong vitamine B complex
  • Taking melatonin to help me sleep
  • Be gentle to myself, like go to bed early, taking a long bath, etc.
  • Doing relaxing activaties like meditate, yoga, walking, etc.
  • When I have cravings: I don’t pick up that first one but I walk, run, work out, eat chocolat, watch Netflix, clean, study, whatever.
  • Ask for help when I need it.
  • Be here every day to read and check in sober.

Take care :heart:


I nearly faltered last night too. Tipped it down the sink. Even got as far as pouting it in a glass. Then I remembered all those people I want to prove wrong who think I can’t do it.


Keep your sober friends close. Use the phone. Keep reaching out, and let people be there for you. Let people know you need help.


I was once given the advice to get rid of it from the house. I didn’t listen at the time because I thought I was strong enough… Until I had a fight with the wife. Drunk the whole bottle and felt like shit the next day.

Worst part is, when you fail, you rarely get back on the wagon the next day. I wasted another 6 months before I quit again.

Dont trust yourself in your current state. You might have the willpower now, but maybe something will happen tomorrow that will change your mind.