I propose a sober party weekend effective immediatly!


What are you doing to enjoy your sobriety this weekend? If you don’t know or feel blue about it, let’s inspire you to shine a different light on it and dream up something awesome.

Party kill thread.

Dreaded friday
First day sober (tomorrow)

Working tomorrow, AA meeting Sunday…wild man here


We have a huge recovery party for real tomorrow and not just in a kill thread.


Love this! I am hooking up my PS3 right now so I can play some Oblivion on this sunny Friday afternoon. Hoping to go see a movie with my wife tonight when she gets done with work.


Love it! What are you taking your love to go see?


Not sure yet. I’m hoping for Searching, but would also see Crazy Rich Asians.


@Neighbrofthebeast668, you party animal. Why have you been lurking?



Htting a meeting tomorrow afternoon and then going to see The Nun with my wife tomorrow evening. Sunday having coffee with an AA friend in the morning, picking up my sponsee, htting a meeting, then an AA picnic.

It’s always nice once you start having fun sober… once I had accepted the fact that I couldnt drink or drug, it turned in to, i dont want to drink or drug… wow, how things have changed for me… once I thought I couldnt live without it, now I know I can’t live with it… crazy!


Just got back from the recovery for tomorrow event. Tomorrow is the farmers market, then I’m speaking at Tully Hill. Followed by dinner with the crew. Then meetings and area on Sunday. Yeesh. I’m boring lol.

We got a huge sober tailgate party next weekend. SU vs FSU. Go Cuse!


Tomorrow: womens’ meeting, going on a neighborhood Garden Stroll with my lovely husband and babies, then - if weather cooperates, tubing down the river in the afternoon!


Our town is having the Walk For Recovery tomorrow and Sunday we are having a cookout at my mom’s for my birthday I think :purple_heart:


Headed to the mountains. Hiking in 5 miles. Bet I cant find a bar there. 1 day down many more to go.


Boyfriend’s Open House at the Art School and then my son’s football game - he’s starting As a receiver. All sober… :grin::sun_with_face::purple_heart:


Left work at five for meeting and fellowship. Back to work at midnight. Bed by 3ish. Up at 7 for meeting, step work, and therapy. Rest TBD except for the meeting I chair Sunday evening.



Myofascial Massage at 11am then UNLV tailgate party at 3pm. UNLV Football game at 6pm


Had a bit of a rubbish night last night (just boring rather than difficult) so my sober party is starting
as of now! It’s raining but the dog needs walking so will sort that first. Then go shopping and get some ingredients for a big brunch. See about picking up a fancy new bed that my savings from not drinking just about cover. Catch up on a couple of chores I’ve been putting off. Make up some food to take to the local soup kitchen, check out a local vintage fair en route if there’s time. Watch some Netflix. Then yoga retreat day tomorrow which I am really looking forward to! :person_in_lotus_position:


I’m on a local Queens Committee that puts on a pageant & builds a parade float every year. I do a lot of painting, designing for the stage & float, so that starts tomorrow. My husband & I also award a $500. Phoenix Scholarship to one of these young ladies based solely on her essay entry. It’s kind of a different scholarship… it’s not academic, it’s character based. My husband’s & my sobriety actually inspired it. The contestants need to write a short essay about a time in their life when they or their family faced great personal adversity, how they overcame it, who helped them & how it changed them. Always look forward to reading those. Alano Club Saturday night for a meeting. And Sunday, clean house, mow, church & have my daddy over for Sunday dinner with the family. Hoping to fit some kayaking in there somewhere :heart:


Guess who got the overnight, on site shift over the weekend? This guy.

BUT, we now have the option to instead provide training to the overnight crew and let them take over if they’re up for it. So Professor Eke is in the house!

Other than that, the usual binge hiking and an escape room with friends, plus more deep dives back into meditation. :pray:


Inspiring people wherever you go! :heart:

Kayaking is something I really want to get into, there is a river right near us. Looks like summer is pretty much finished here now but hopefully will be getting our licence (and some kayaks!) Next spring when the weather improves.