I propose a sober party weekend effective immediatly!


I haven’t tried an escape room before but they sound like so much fun. Will look forward to hearing how it goes.

Hope the overnight crew learn quickly so you can claw a bit of your weekend back!


This one’s a freebie! We’re beta testing a new room, so mum is the word. I’ve done a bunch though and they’re super fun!


Awww you Sweetheart thank you :hugs:

And you’ll love kayaking after your first try. We sure did & ended up buying a tandem one (cuts the paddling in 1/2 :smile:).

And @Eke I’m in for the next Escape Room! That’s so cool :+1:t3:


Ah good to know about the tandem one! We have been kayaking once, in the valleys along the River Aveyron. It was so amazing! Not expecting that level of awesome where we live but the idea of being on the water on a sunny day sounds just right.


Bought myself a nice new pair of riding jods and will be spending my day with my horses. Off to Zimbabwe tomorrow for a week of meetings so will be packing tonight with tea and a hot bath to follow :muscle:


Horses :heart_eyes: Never owned one. Always wanted one! Enjoy & snuggle up to his muzzle for me :smile:


Today i plan to relax, read and catch up on some shows! Tomorrow i am going to an event with car boot sales and stalls etc usually there is no alcohol at these so perfect :slight_smile:


Went to a friends wedding yesterday, I was realy nervous about it but (with the support of my wonderful brother and sister) had a realy great and sober night!
The rest of the weekend my flatmates and I are going to clean the whole flat and repaint the kitchen :slightly_smiling_face:


Lazy day Sheila off today long lye in wee bit of hanky panky prob get on my ps4 fifa 18 later chairing a meeting tonight , tomoro bld raised beds for next years veg at back of garden , maybe early to bed more hanky panky lol


Most weekends are fairly uneventful, but this weekend my gf and I are moving in to our new house! Town she grew up in, new town for me. I love my routine, schedule, and familiarity with my current town… so I know adjusting to new places and things will take some time. I am ready!

@Ray_M_C_Laren. FIFA is the way to go! The only video game I still play all the time, love it.


Bahaha! Still funny every time I see this!


Last night, it was chilli cheese tots and movies. Today, we are headed in to DC to watch my wife’s Godson play in a college football game.


Alright, my head doesn’t hurt this morning and I feel pumped! Let’s keep this party going. It’s early yet.


My party today includes birthday shopping for my bff, visiting a friend in the hospital and celebrating my 6 months sober! :slight_smile:


Rock on! 6 months feels like years in early sobriety.


I just can’t believe that changes and shift in me and my life I’ve seen in the last 6 months! Fan-freaking-tastic!!


Went to a mtg last night and got my 6mo coin then went out for icecream. Today I will start with a nap :smile: the rest of today revolves around my business then a mtg tonight. Tomorrow I will be doing a brunch st a local casino and the winning lots of money lol


Me too at 66 im prob the oldest player lol my ovr 88 at moment play drop in matches only game name scotsman1952


I partied real hard last night and put together a headboard until 1130. Just woke up and i have a therapy session scheduled at 1, bless therapists who do weekends, and then its reading and cleaning for me. Party on guys! 63 days!


You should come visit me in South Africa then! I have 3 boys, the most amazing souls I know :heart:

This is the 5 year old - he is just starting out under saddle so taking it slow. Super proud of him.