I propose a sober party weekend effective immediatly!


Wow! He’s just beautiful! :heart_eyes: So is your ranch ~ stunning views! Would love to come play at your house :smile: I insist on many, many, many more horse pics :heart:


Today was ok ive been very sore lately 3 days ago I was diagnosed w gout on my right toe & spread to my ankle f***kn painful!! Arggh. I was s trooper still went to work i got home my roommate and very good friend got me dinner veggie sushe, cherries & grapes delicious & we watched a movie. Not once did I think of drinking, well maybe briefly but I didn’t so I guess I did ok went to bed by 9 I’ve been up since 3 am.




Homework, artwork, laundry, and going to a party. All sober AF. :slight_smile:


So, I went to the shindig. It had a fairly poor turn out. Good thing I know about it for next year. I am going to personally talk that shit the hell up and make it awesome.

Meanwhile, Colleen now has a rainbow slime kit and I have some replacement yarn and needles to try and start my socks again since the old ones were a casualty of the bedbugs. Pictures to follow. :grin:

Rip old No Smoking Socks. They probably didn’t karmically make it because I didn’t stay quit smoking. sigh I am down to about 2 a day though and never around the kids.


You can do it. Quitting smoking is hard. Although I found it easier than quitting alcohol, I think only because of the social stigma. “Oh, its fine that I’m falling down drunk because that’s a socially acceptable drug but how dare I smoke within 10 feet of this door? You’re right silly me.” My husband and I finally got our grown up bedroom set finished today, which I never could have done on a Saturday before. I’d have been too busy being hungover or getting drunk again to not feel the hangover. Thank goodness those days are over. Gonna enjoy a bath and a book and then crawl into that heavenly bed lol. Have fun with those socks :wink:


Helped a friend move with my husband’s truck, watched a Netflix documentary last night, made a bunch of phone calls to friends, texted grandkids, finished a book, and now I’m hungry. Need to eat and then going to grocery store later.


I know you have great taste is writer(s)… What are you reading?


Thanks! :blush: The book in the pic is an ARC of An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, its due to be published in January, i ran out of room on that bookcase and haven’t quite started that one yet :joy: I’m reading another ARC called Laurentian Divide by Sarah Stonich, its a character study of life in Northern Minnesota. One of the characters is an alcoholic right on the teetering edge of relapse and its a complete nailbiter. I’m rooting hard for him.


Wow, the new bed is gorgeous! Bravo on well-spent savings. :+1:


Damn, you got a toe in with those advanced copies. You’ll have to get the ARC for our mutual hero’s book WHEN it comes out. And share it with me, of course!

These are two of my bookshelves. There’s another two and a half on the other side of the room.

So y’all can probably guess how this girl is partying this weekend!


Two soccer games with my boys and pictures for them tomorrow. Tried to make some soccer friend mom’s today. That’s my goal, friendship lol… Oh and sobriety


Is your DOC alcohol? Beer is the number one cause of a gout attack. How long have you been dealing with it?


Well of course! I like your optimism, and if not we still got 2 beautiful books out of it. Since you’re obviously as big a book fan as me, I’ll tell you my big secret for ARCs: bookishfirst.com. You get weekly first looks at a couple chapters, write a short review, and get entered to win actual hard copies arcs and sometimes ebooks. You earn points for doing different stuff and can cash those points in for when you read a couple chapters and really love a book and don’t want to risk the drawing and just want the book. No strings, just real publishers and real books.


Sry lol, not so much lurking as I think I left the forum open on my computer…havent been back home since I came down here last week, i did kinda lurk a bit last weekend and just liked a few things. i got on to a slew of notifications earlier and one of em was for the 100 consecutive days badge lol. Did u go to the party? Wish i could have went and met up with ya but things have been pretty hectic around this way.


Ooooooooh - that is a totally heavenly bed! Well done!


Guys! 64 days :blush: And Sober Sunday continuing this weekend party by finishing the bedroom project and hanging the artwork. Took me a year to collect all this stuff and get it framed. I’m so happy! SQUEEEEE


Close ups :blush:


WOW! This looks incredible! Can you decorate my room? :joy:


Thank you! It took me nearly 35 years before I could put that look together, if you can wait that long before inspiration strikes again :joy: I’m hopelessly uncreative usually.