I propose a sober party weekend effective immediatly!


What’s ARC?


Advanced Reader Copies. The publisher gives out a certain number of books a few months before the book hits Amazon or bookseller shelves to stir up social media interest and reviews before the books are available that way people are more eager and to boost presale numbers


Well I guess my family backed out of doing a birthday cookout so I am spending my day cleaning my kitchen again because I had to do cookies for the recovery walk and I realized at that point I had pans stashed in my oven :joy::joy:
So I’m doing that while my girls cleaned their room and I watch some British Bake off.


Love the Bri Bake Off!




I started season 1 this week I’m down to the last 5 people.


Hi since this Tuesday. I learned its also hereditory :fearful: dad & brother has it. My dad & I the worse, also I Love my red meat, crab, lobster, shrimp :hugs: also I’ve been binge drinking for months yes Liquor tequila & vodka was my DOC.


Oh that’s terrible! My husband who literally never complains about pain ever, will be put down from his gout pain. He loves all those things as well, but it’s just not worth the pain and disability that comes with it.

I hope you’re working towards cutting out binge drinking and trying to be healthier.


Happy sober weekend everybody! :dancer::man_dancing:


Party starts now :sunglasses:


Sober tails party for the SU vs. FSU football ('Murica style) tomorrow morning.

Go Cuse. Jamis Winston is still a crab legs stealing POS


Going back to the apartment tomorrow to give it a good cleaning and hand in our keys. So glad to be out of that place for good. Wasnt awful, but the management sucked so bad. Incompetent, innattentive boneheads. Good riddance! Having a house of our own is such a different ballgame and I love it. Loving the new house.

Taking my mom to dinner tomorrow night for her birthday, then off to visit some friends. Sunday = football, and our first “proper dinner” at the new house. We are both very busy people, often eating “on the go” and separately. We agreed we would cook up a nice sit-down sunday dinner every week now that we’re in the house, a nice thing just for us to share at the end of the weekend each week :slight_smile:


Getting my sober party weekend started… With some housework :roll_eyes: But going to jazz it up a bit with some jungle music


I am definitely in need of a sober party- every party I go to is far from sober

I play a lot of sport which is obviously good for me then afterwards the way of celebrating a win or upset after a loss is the pub for beer!

Damn alcohol centred society


I’ve found its actually quite easy to find sobriety centric activities if I am willing to look for them. Pretty much everything I did while drinking I can find a group of people that do the same thing sober. Well except go to a bar or rave I suppose, but those things aren’t that fun anyway. Definitely not something I need to have in my life.


In Texas a bar opened but it’s a sober bar. They make mocktails and have bar type snacks pool tables, darts, karaoke, bands, all the same things a bar does but no booze at all. Not a drop in the place.
To me that is so awesome. I’d love to open something like that here.


They have a dry bar in Liverpool in the UK too. They’re a social enterprise and do stuff to support people in recovery. Such a good idea!


There would be a riot if they tried that here. Buncha drunk Irishmen running around here.


I would still go to a bar/rave for certain types of music. But I’d be happy going on my own and just dancing. I don’t do it very often so it’s a proper treat and I can really get into it sober.


Yeah I don’t think it would go over well here either. So many people were pissed about the walk for recovery I can’t imagine having a sober bar :joy::joy: