I relapsed worse than before

After 207 days sober I relapsed hard.
I used to be an alcoholic but I hadn’t done drugs in years. This weekend I went through a gram of cocaine and I don’t even know how many drinks. It happened so damn fast

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207 days… You did 207… I’ve done 11 so far. You should be proud… I hope you can recompose and fight again.

Welcome back @Luke_Jacob_Carroll. I saw some of your older posts. What you did for 207 days was an amazing accomplishment! You can do this long term, just plug up the holes in your thinking, and most of all - never give up trying again and again.


@Luke_Jacob_Carroll I’m so sorry. What do you think happened that led up to this?

@Luke_Jacob_Carroll 207 days, that’s something to be proud of. You can did it once you can again. Stay strong, man. You got this. One day at a time. I’ve been there. You have people believe in you and have been or are in the same spot.