I stayed sober yesterday!

Yesterday was a hard day for me, being that I’m used to having a family on Thanksgiving. But thanks to my sober family my day was a little better. I remained sober through all the pain i was experiencing and I’m damn proud of myself for not being weak minded and giving in to my addiction like I would normally do in that situation. Life is a tough bitch at times for us addicts but we sometimes beat the odds of it and not give in by relapsing. I have 43 days of freedom from my addiction and it’s a day to day battle that I don’t mind fighting right now. Loving myself and my strenght that I’ve gained through this battle.


Well done! I enjoyed my sober T Day too. I must say, I have the cleanest kitchen this morning and no regrets! Congratulations to you for being awesome! :two_hearts:


Congrats to all on a sober Thanksgiving!
The struggle is real and daily, but with clean & sober friends and remembering what it was like helps me keep focus on what’s important. A happy & healthy me.

I/we don’t ever have to, or need to use or drink again. Hugs to all!


Congratulations! It was my first sober Thanksgiving as well here’s to many more! I like someone said, no regrets


Delighted for you ! Congratulations !! :slightly_smiling_face:

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