I THINK I've figured it out


I didn’t believe in addicts having “a story” behind being addicts. Even after rehab I never believed in that crap,I believed that addiction is something that happens only because it BEGINS slowly and then just get out of control. I viewed having a story as an EXCUSE. Never once did I think there was a reason behind an addiction…there is a reason though, addiction is medication and there’s a reason why we medicate. My story: I left the country when I was 20(now 28) to go the States for an internship and I made a deal with God before I left: PLEASE make sure nobody in my family passes on whilst I’m away, I lost my aunt. She wasn’t just an aunt, she was everything. It felt as though God decided to choose the person I LEAST expected to pass on and took. Since then I have put a facade on, look at me I’m strong facade. I’m not upset that she passed on, I’m upset that i WASN’T HERE to grieve with the family.


Loss is difficult. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad to see you’ve recognized how difficult that particular loss was for you. Now the real healing can begin! Blessings to you!