I’ve had to reset :( I drank coz I got shy

I had a date last night and drank with my meal and sipped 3 glasses in 4 hours I DID NOT BINGE (which I usually do)

Anyway click on reset :confused:


Hope your date went well. Good for admitting it and resetting. Next time you won’t just not binge you don’t have to drink at all. Good luck


First good on you for keeping honest,

Second I’m not gonna sermon you about the don’t date, in early sobriety or whatever you do what you wanna do.

I can understand the idea of not wanting to have to explain to someone you just met that you have a drinking problem and that’s totally fair, A first date is like an interview you want to just get to know someone and feel it out, not talk about how in 6th grade some boy dumped you on the playground and you still feel toxic shame over it.

If the date went well and you plan on seeing the person again, maybe try steering away from a place where alcohol would be part of the menu? Like hey let’s go skating or to the movies? Rock climbing gym things that you can enjoy each other’s company, have fun and don’t have to worry about the pressure of a wine glass being parked in front of you.

Short story I met a lady last year and she asked why I didn’t drink. And I told her well cause I have a drinking problem you’ll have one I’ll have 20. She seemed ok with it and I learned over the series of like 5 dates, that she apparently had a drinking problem too. We haven’t spoken since I made mention of that, I wish her well


That last time I reset was on a date too. It taught me a valuable lesson. I cannot be ashamed or embarrassed to tell someone I don’t drink. If it’s a first date, the reasons I don’t drink is none of their business yet. It’s OK to be a non-drinker. If they make it weird, I’m not interested in a second date.

That was a couple of years ago. I have learned how to set healthy boundaries since then.


Such lovely comments thank you everyone!!!

I’m happy to be on reset!!

It’s always great to just be honest and truthful here no shame! We are all in this together


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