I wanna smoke weed so bad

Need some advice, want to smoke weed so baddd

Sorry you crave this bad. What helps me in those situations is doing something active.
Can you go hit the gym now? Or go for a run or walk in nature?

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What do you need from us to help you?

The best way I handled not smoking was to stop hanging with my dudes, deleting my guys number and being stubborn as an ass.

I made no my first reply to pretty much everything early on, no thought, just no. Then I’d hit the street and go for a long ass walk with some metal in the headphones. I knew cravings lasted about 15 minutes if I didn’t sit in them, so my goal was to get up and get out.


I can testify to this method of metal music and walking…it worked for me also…also as we all know for a fact…metal just is the best :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


thank you guys for real, the early stages have been kinda all over the place

I am so with you when it comes to craving weed so bad. I know it’s tough. Just remember your best is worth it. And just keep trying. I have found that, I dna of it will help, but I just in my mind decide nah I’m not doing it. Like I tend to bargain with myself in my head alot and kind of in the background say if this or if that then I’ll smoke, or if I cant resist I will or if I just make it 2 days then I will, like all these weird bargains. But if I decide at the start of the day…its just not happening think of something else to do. Then I argue with myself…but this and but that and I talk to myself…like I’ll think, “I wanna smoke so bad” and then straight after think “its okay to want to, but we already decided no”. And then filling that time with something. Sometimes I even just do like 2o star jumps or shout into my pillow or something. I dna. It’s probably just rambling from me. Just know I totally get how hard weed can be.

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Do push ups till you cant. Then when you finally can…do them again till you cant. Repeat until urge goes away or your chest looks like ronnie colemans.


I’m a month in without smoking weed & i still have the urges to smoke. what i do is i either watch a movie or start painting. gotta keep your mind busy. i know it’s hard but know you can do it.


Welcome to the forum/community Nancy and congratulations on your money without weed. Stick around and have a good read there are a lot of good threads and your can use the magnifying glass art the top to search for anything that you can think of, pretty much everything has been covered. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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