I want to be free for good... before I lose my marriage

I’ve done good before for long periods of time, and thaugh I was free. But I’ve fallen back time and time again. My marriage has teetered on the edge of divorce far too often because of this addiction. I just want to be free for good. And before I were my wife’s forgiveness to the end. How do I stay free?

You committe to doing something different this time, to really cement the changes, what keeps going wrong why do you relapse? Have you worked a program aa na, smart recovery? Sounds like it’s time to step things up a gear. Keep hanging out here it really really helps. You can do this :+1::slightly_smiling_face::blue_heart:


Thanks I’ll try and check out this place more often. And yes I have been to mens groups and celebrated recovery groups and they have helped me head down the path of freedom. But every time I have to move and can’t find another group it seems I fall right back down, like I can’t stand on my own two feet. I know I need to do something different, but I feel I’m running out of things to try, and running out of time.

Getting sober is easy, staying sober is hard. It’s something that I need to work on everyday. We can’t go through this alone, nor should we. We need a sober network and a solid program.

Some people choose AA/NA or other 12 step, others choose SMART, IOP, rehab, therapy, some create their own program. Explore your options and find where you fit in.

As they say, nothing changes if nothing changes.

There’s a lot of hard work ahead of us, but we’ll get through it together, because it’s worth it!



You need to think about what brought you back and how you started again. Was the marraige stressful and made you give in? There are underlying things that cause us to use or drink. In these times we have to 1 acknowlege them and 2 act appropriately with tools we learn to stay sober. Sometimes with white lies so we can evacuate the situation. Maybe therapy or meetings can help you figure out what makes you tick.

Thanks. But are any of those programs for porn addiction?

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There are definitely meetings for this, let me tag some awesome peeps who may be more help… @KevinesKay @Mtrav0040 @DungeonMaster.


Hi Michael,

There are definitely other resources out there. You’ve been to CR. There’s also

Sexaholics Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Reformers Unanimous

You know, I get that desperation you feel right now. For me, when I felt like I had to get sexually sober to save my marriage or to please God, I didn’t do very well.

When I became intrinsically motivated to make a change simply because I wanted a better life for myself, then I had more success.

You had 100 days before. There’s a lot of hope for you. It’s okay to reach out for help. We all need it. There are a number of us here in this community that struggle with porn addiction and we check in here every day. Maybe you can do the same.

And welcome. :slight_smile:


Hey Michael,

I’ve been to other types of groups as well. The Addiction Recovery Program through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was really helpful. Went to it off and on for several years. Good program based off the 12 steps.

I believe that having an open line of communication with your spouse is what’s most important. Not saying that I’m good at that or anything.