I want to drink so badly


I have 213 days sober. I’ve got quite a bit of stress in my head right now. My partner is going away for the weekend and I keep having these thoughts about wanting to get drunk while she’s gone, just for a few hours of that old relief. But I won’t.

I’m not looking for anyone to prompt me to remember why I quit drinking, or remind me of the ramifications of relapse. I know these things, and I won’t drink. I’m just putting this out here because I know some of you will understand. I don’t really have anywhere else to admit these feelings. So I guess that’s all I’m really looking for, is someone to say “I get it”.

Thanks for listening.


I hear you on that. For me it seems like the second no one is really looking I wanna use a “little” haha. It’s never a little, I have thoses thoughts from time to time. Just get high who cares and I think I care I don’t want to get high anymore it’s pointless. Stay strong man I feel your pain.


Thanks, man. I’m under no illusion that I can do it “just once” and not relapse.


Yeah it’s definitely nice to know I’m not the only way that thinks like this.


Always helps me to vent, too. “I get it.” I don’t even have half of the days you do, but acknowledging my thoughts and feelings where I can has helped me so far, and will continue to.


I get it… Except I got nearly that far and did relapse. I still regret it.


Your finest moments in sobriety, are the moments when you’re all alone & still choose to do the right thing :hugs:


I totally get that. But keep moving forward.


I get it…


I get it. I had 285 days but I kept obsessing over it and the first chance I got, I gave in. I immediately regretted it and dumped out the rest. Made it to one month again. Hang in there man.


I get it and you get it :slight_smile::+1::muscle:


AA is a good place to check out if the voices get out of control.


Thanks for sharing your story.


Your not alone in thinking of sabotaging your sobriety but at the same time we all know what it took to get us to this point. I’m glad your commited to your sobriety.
213 days is no small feat. CONGRATS!:clap::muscle:



Holy shit do i get it


I get it… I’ve been struggling too. I’m 8 days sober and I keep thinking “just one, it’ll be okay” but it won’t. I’ll be breaking that promise to myself and I don’t want to do that. :honeybee:


goto meeting and talk with someone you trust about that


Oh I get it alright. With me, I don’t even think - just one will be ok. I wouldn’t want one, I would want a decent few (what’s the point of one :see_no_evil:) and what stops me is the idea that even if I did that, I’d have to stop the next day but I would want to keep going so it would feel like this feeling of wanting it but oh so much worse for having had it. I get it. Boy, this doesn’t make me look pretty :rofl::see_no_evil::joy:!!!


Keep strong


I get it my friend!
You are not alone.