I want to drink so badly


Thats why i go to meetings when i feel alone i can lift the phone go for a coffee and meetings make it easier and thats what we all want wish you well


You totally get it!


Well shit man, I totally get it! Usually it’s more the benzos that I crave, just one to help me sleep, just one to take the stress away. Then that thought leads immediately to, well, if I have a xanax for the morning then one drink (yeah right) would be possible that night.

Fortunately, it’s been a while since I consciously fought with those thoughts. Every time I win that battle the more it becomes something my subconscious takes care of.

We are here, brother. If you need more support when the time comes, well, you know where to look.


Thanks all! It helped just to get my thoughts out there and get such supportive responses!


I get it
I’m 240 days and something similar happened last month (right around where you are now). Seemingly out of nowhere.
I go to AA, work steps with sponsor, do the DO things and yet I kept thinking about drinking.
Thoughts are not actions tho.
You are on the right path.
Good for you for reaching out.
Maybe it’s something that just happens??? The past week has been MUCH better


When in rehab l had dreams about drinking, but thank God no more


Don’t even let the cravings or thoughts control you.

You want a drink. Fine.

But you know you wont. Great.

Don’t let that gap of time be controlled by thoughts about drinking. Fill that time with positive shit you want to do. Nothing worse than stinking thinking. Get out of yourself, get out of your own mind and push forward brother.


Right on! Thanks!


It’s Friday night and I didn’t drink. Doing the old Cost Benefit Analysis in my head makes it obvious it’s not worth. And I definitely won’t drink tomorrow because I have a long run on Sunday.


Same here. Thought about it. Spent last Saturday hung over in bed. This time not.


I had these feelings and thoughts like 3 days into sobriety when my wife went out. I get it bro. Side note: im so fuckin happy i didnt drink! Keep on keeping on bro


Yeah man. Sames. My fiancé is out with her friends tonight and is staying the night. I had to literally look at myself in the mirror and say “ no. Don’t go to the gas station for that beer. It won’t make you happy. You’ll feel like shit tomorrow. You’ll hate yourself.” Happy Friday, right? Lol

Let's talk about sober sex

I get it. I do.


You may want to, but you dont have to…and you’ll be hating on yourself in the morning with that hangover you dont need either…hang in there…


Had a couple of nights like that. I had to get my youngest daughter to make sure she didn’t go to her friends once. Just so I had accountability! It’s gets easier. Just have to distract yourself.


I get it, I get it, I get it. I forgive myself and keep it moving :slight_smile: Cravings are temporary today, and it looks like you totally know that. See you on the road of happy destiny!


I get it. I have been drinking for the last 20 years or so. Now my brain associates everything with drinking. Any social occasion, any party, barbeque, picnic, anything - I feel like drinking. Without it something seems to be missing.


I drank out of control for 13 years and I didnt think I would ever have fun again when I first got sober :slight_smile: AA dinners at local restaurants, sober karoake gatherings at bars and the local AA clubhouse, and hosting my own sober dinner parties and birthday parties has gone far in convincing me otherwise, attending concerts and sporting events that sell alcohol sober (used antabuse and lots of care at first because I didnt trust myself and cravings/ feeling deprived was still rough that first year). I dont think you have to believe that just yet, as long as you leave room for the possibility it can also happen for you in time.


Every time I see the title of this thread, I can’t help but think, “Yep, I may want to drink, and it will go so badly!” Once thoroughly sober, why have to go through all that bother again?


I’m not going to use. I’m just going to sit in the dirt alone crying. At least this way I save 20$. Either way I’m ending up alone crying. Sober or high…