I was begging for death

I celebrated 2 years of sobriety 3 years ago and in my recovery i met my wife, who had my son, gained two step daughters, bought a home and was successful enough to support us all. I was all of a sudden, in my mind, too busy for my recovery. Eventually life showed up and i slowly became incapable of handling my problems and emotions on my own. I began using again and have been running from myself and trying to find myself since. Three weeks ago I attempted suicide by cop and by the grace of my GOD, my neighbors were actually too frightened by me to call the cops on me. I have 18 days clean now and reunited with my support group and staying with my sponsor until I get things back in order. I’m getting divorced and fighting for custody of my son and it’s going to be a long hard road but today I get to walk that road with sunshine on my face and Never Alone Again.