I will hit 30 days sober tomorrow. It's been a bad month but finally getting better. I have had hardly any cravings and really feel I'm going to make it this time

I’m so happy to make it to 30 days tomorrow. I quit cold turkey and went through 3 weeks of hell but still only craved it a couple days. This time has been so different from the other times I tried. Between not many cravings and not having the emotional problems I normally have. It’s a great feeling knowing I can do it this time. It really helped me moving away from where I was and starting a new life.


Welcome and congrats with a month of sobriety :slight_smile:

Congratulations! That is awesome for the big 30! Keep it up!

Congratulations! 30 days is huge!! It’s so great you’re so motivated by the positive changes sobriety can bring to our lives.

I found that once I was able to get through those first few weeks I really started to see how amazing and life changing sobriety can be, although of course not easy. Not easy but worth it :love_you_gesture:

Keep up the hard work :+1:

Welcome and congratulations on 30 days. That’s still my favorite milestone, everything became very clear and I started feeling better.

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Congratulations on 30 days! :partying_face:

Thanx so much. It’s a great feeling to not even be craving it or missing it.

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Thank you so much!

Thank you. This is the most clean time I’ve had in 8 years and this time is so different. I was throwing up for 3 weeks straight but only craved one of those days. What really shocks me is I haven’t had the emotional crap like I always did before when I’d try quitting. But I also got myself out of a bad marriage which was alot of the reason for my addiction.

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Thank you. Its definitely a great milestone. I finally started eating food again other than crackers and white bread lol. I’m still being careful about what I eat because after throwing up for 3 weeks straight out still makes me nervous. But I’m at least feeling and looking alot better now.

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Thanx so much!

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