I will never be a social drinker

Someone made a good point about social drinkers in a different post. Social drinkers don’t think about drinking. They order a drink on a whim, they can take it or leave it, it is a last second decision, just as ordering a tea or soda. Often they won’t finish their drink, happy with what they have. The very fact that we talk about drinking, in a way, is a form of alcoholism. I can’t drink like social drinkers. Can you imagine ordering one drink and not finishing it? Just my thoughts about slowing down or cutting back, and why it didn’t work for me.


Well stated. I think there are people who can drink socially, but alcohol is an addictive substance so for a huge percentage of humans, it will eventually catch up with them. I am one of those. I have chosen to alcohol over buying food.

I know that for me, “One is one too many. One more is never enough.”



I’ve heard of “those” people. People that can have one drink in social situations. I will never be in that group. Lol


When I order one drink, I was already planning the next. I never started,only planning on one.


I agree. I am 24 days sober now. I still don’t see how I can socially drink so I’m done! This sober thing has been too good for me. Awesome sleep, clear thinking, I also think I’m starting to look healthier??


I constantly think about what the other person is drinking, how quickly, so I don’t look like a lush. I’ll buy them drinks if they’ll stick around. Oops, ordered too many shots. Oops, got one for the dd. My first thought when going to a bar is how am I going to get home. I drink so much at concerts and shows and even leave in the middle to get more just to not remember it the next day…


This sounds like me. I never remember getting home but somehow i make it. I stopped wearing my nice jackets and shoes because they would never return home with me, i even stopped bothering to go shopping for nice stuff

It isn’t necessarily a poison. Please don’t take this the wrong way or anyone use this an an excuse.
My dad is in his mid 80s. He drinks a glass of chardonnay a day. Maybe, at most, two with dinner. He is in great shape, doesn’t take medication. But, he works out for a hour a day and walks every evening, counts all his calories, eats healthy, plays golf 4 times a week. His doctors actually recommend the wine.
The first boats would have never made it to America without beer. Being diluted, especially for the youngest. They didn’t drink water on the voyage over. Most early settlers had a bucket of diluted cider near their front door, that the males drank apon entering.
What happened is the early immigrants couldn’t produce beer or wine as easily so they produced spirits. The problem is, they drank the spirits like they drank the beers, ales, ciders etc. of their old world. (All be it there were people who abused alcohol throughout history of course)… This led to serious problems and the temperance movement which continues to today.
I am a part of the dudes that drank too much, I think.

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