I woke up a midnight

…just so I could get this photo.

And then I gifted myself this. Bought off of Amazon because I didn’t want to make a big deal about it at a meeting.


Way to bloody go Sue! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:
May I be the first to congratulate you on what I know has been a difficult, different year for you.
Well done girl. Be proud!:confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Super huge congratulations Sue!! I know how hard you have been working your recovery. So very happy for you!! :heart:


If you want to show newcomers the program works you can let your meetings know of your anniversary and just tell them you got your chip already- the big deal is to show the newcomers it works, not for the birthday person’s embarrassment or ego :wink:


Congrats :clap::clap::clap:

This is awesome!! True power!! I’m looking forward to this moment!!

I really like these coins! Don’t know if german AAs have the same, I never went to a meeting but good to know they are on amazon! I’ll def get me one after 1 year! Looks like a great reminder!!

Keep it up!


OUTSTANDING!!! Great job! I’m sure there’s so much you can reflect upon over the past year. Do you have celebratory plans for your first Soberversary?

Massive congratulations Sue! :confetti_ball: that sure is an awesome photo to have! :blush: hope you have a wonderful day celebrating and feeling very proud.
Don’t forget to show us your tattoo later as well :blush:


Well done one of many to come

I totally agree with this!! I’ll have to talk about it in a share. Usually I go to a speaker meeting so it wouldn’t come up but I think I should go to a discussion meeting just for this reason. I know this is why I have multiple chips for the earlier months…to make sure everyone sees that it can be done.

But still, I didn’t have a sponsor to present me with a chip…and I was sure that my family would not be keen on going to a meeting…so what would be the point of the big celebration. PLUS…they would have brought a non-vegan cake that I wouldn’t have been able to eat anyway. LOL


Congratulations @VSue Awesome job!!

Your telling of your journey has helped me so much, especially when I was in the constant re-setting stage. You gave me hope and encouragement to keep on trying, Thank you!! :pray::kissing_heart:


Aw…thanks. That means a LOT!!!


Congratulations! Fantastic job :+1::partying_face::raised_hands:t2::dancer: well done Sue. Great pic xx

Thats my girl congratulations ,

Congrats Sue! This is definitely an inspiration to us newbees. :heart:

Congradulations on a year! This is very motivational for me. Time goes by so fast when you’re lost. I missed out on so much of my daughter growing up so I’m really looking forward to experiencing what an actual full year feels like and seeing things like this keep me going strong. Thank you for posting your great accomplishment :grin:


Bloody Brilliant girl :heart:

This is awesome! Way to go Sue! You’ve been a motivational force around here… keep up the good work and congrats. Treat yourself.

Yay!! What a great reason to be up at Midnight!! So happy for you and appreciate all you’ve shared on this app since I’ve been around (which isn’t very long). Well done lady!

One whole year! 365 straight days of getting better at getting better! Good job!

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