If i could get ALL the money back!

So i work in a bank and decided why not use the statistics that this app is showing me how much money ive saved… i opened a savings account and keep depositing what i didnt spend on alcohol.


Great idea!! You won’t be disappointed over time!!

It sure does add up. My trackers say I have saved roughly US$16,000 on alcohol and US$55,000 on cigarettes. Totaling US $71,000…yup, that’s a lot. How the hell did that happen?? :upside_down_face: And why wasn’t I as smart as you and saving it???


I havent always been that smart!!! Believe me!! Going to try this!! Thanks!


Here is my list…

  • No hangovers ever!!
  • Treating my husband with respect and no drunk fighting
  • Self respect gets a major boost
  • No more internal conflict about drinking and if/how can I cut down or stop
  • Restful restorative uninterrupted sleep!!!
  • Major pride in myself and all that I have and can accomplish
  • A sense of peace and calm
  • No more embarrassment and shame because of my behavior
  • Forgiving myself for past mistakes and terrible judgement
  • No wondering what I did or how I hurt husband or others while drunk
  • No treating people I love, including myself, poorly while drunk
  • No drunk driving and possibly hurting self or others or jail
  • No upset stomach from drinking
  • No anxiety and near constant agitation when hungover
  • No dark suicidal thoughts
  • No shame around neighbors if I was loud and yelling or loud music
  • No blackouts ever
  • No overwhelming shame at my behavior
  • No oversharing with strangers while drunk or making plans I will need to cancel
  • Not having to check my phone in the middle of the night to delete social media posts - no drunk texting/emails/posts/calls
  • Not be bloated and puffy and look haggard
  • Major pride in myself and a boost in self esteem
  • No hangovers ever again
  • No more excuses or lies
  • Peace of mind

Thank you​:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Good morning:) 5:50am PST and just reading posts before getting ready for work. I hear ya on saving money when your lifestyle changes, and creating an account is a great idea. I actually started putting money aside every payday into my savings account. My savings account never had that much money in it, believe me lol. 27 days sober and I do not miss the feelings of shame and regret. No more checking my phone as well to see if I made an embarrassing call or wrote a weird text. I am awake with a clear head. My little family is happy. I am blessed. You guys here are amazing. Thank you and have a wonderful day❤️


I agree 100%!! I used to get angry at night and send random texts and in the morning had such regret and shame!! As far as my account, im just depositing what i wouldve spent on alcohol daily. I work at a bank so it was easy to get an account started and money in every day!! Alcohol is the biggest wasre of money but it is made to appear glamorous! Stay strong! We dont need this poison!:face_vomiting:


Great written, each point are right on the spot.

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The bank account thing is such a great idea. Love it :+1:

My tracker on the app says I’ve saved almost $1,900 since I stopped drinking.

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Yes definitely. Keep going strong my friend!!:hugs: