If I smoke weed am I still clean or no?

I really don’t know what do yall think

What do yóu think about it ?
If you feel fine with it, who are we to say it’s not ?


U just opened my eyes it only matters what I think thank you so much I needed a eye opener


Even though my DOC is alcohol, I wouldn’t consider myself clean if I occasionally or regularly used Marijuana for recreational purposes, nor would my employers Urine Analysis consider me clean, so in a way, it does matter what others think :wink:


Ok I see i get it

Hey @Tristan315981,
I gave up alcohol over a year ago but was okay smoking pot sometimes. It became just another slippery slope for me though. Stressed from work? Smoke it off. Anxious? Smoke it off.

This January I ended up smoking about 6 days a week. So sure, I gave up alcohol but just traded it in for a new substance habit. I actually just found this app to help me celebrate staying ‘weed sober’ too.

I know I’m not answering your original question, I just wanted to point out that any substance can be challenging if you know you struggle already with alcohol.


Your recovery is about you. Period. The most important thing is that you’re honest with yourself “Can I consume weed without it consuming me?” “Is weed making me exhibit behaviors similar to my DOC?” And double check “how honest am I being?”
I chose to abstain from all drugs including weed because that’s what’s best for me. I noticed dependency and habits in my Marijuana use that matched my habits with other substances so I stopped using it. But again this is about you.
Whatever you decide is best for you is what’s best for you, and what’s best for you now may change throughout your recovery. If you’re worried about the word “clean” and it’s meaning you can even be more specific saying “im clean from _____”. Even if not everyone considers it clean/sober its still harm reduction and its a powerful change to make in your life.
Some people will fight you on it but their opinion is none of your business. If you are going to continue smoking weed one suggestion I would make is refrain from attending complete abstinence based programs as some people can have some very strong opinions on what the right way to be clean is. There are support programs out there that focus on abstinence from specific substances or just harm reduction in general.
Im going to be a broken record here and say it again, your recovery is about you, for you, the most important thing is that you remain honest with yourself and make changes when you see red flags and patterns arise.


You know it took me a while to understand the word Drugs… Because though i felt i had no issue with alcohol it is a drug that is legal and so is weed in some country’s and states… However the question i would ask is are you an addict, because the obession can so easily be transferred… You may think youve been able to contol your drinking but cross addiction become a massive thing.
Pain killer morphine based, any street drug except herion were all a big addiction for me thinking i had control over one of the drugs only made another addictions rise its big head.

I could easily make reasons that are acceptable for why i could smoke weed but i refuse the addict in me to have any part in my life… Anixety disorder, tourettes, adhd, autism and OCD disorder all things my therapist and doctors have said i should use weed for but i cant allow that little gremlin(addiction) to come out and play.

This is your journey… I was once told can you walk away from that 1 drink/substance use… I replied no even if it was once a day… I needed it in my system.


Full sentence.


No. Clean is no drugs no alcohol


Damn! :star_struck::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::facepunch:t3:

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Mate I would say No. Addiction will lead to another addiction and yes weed can get way out of hand quickly. I’ve spent years swapping 1 addiction for another my Gambling was the last to go. But weed will lead to another addiction and will probably end up not being enough for you quicker than you would think. Clean means Clean buddy


Clean? No.

But is 100% clean your goal? You get to decide what your goal is.

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That simple.

If you’re asking me, nope, it’s not clean.


Hi Tristan, I am in the same spot you are. I quit alcohol 11 days ago and pills a week ago. I still consume marijuana. Alcohol was my drug of choice and the one thing that was absolutely ruining my life. I do plan on being " clean and sober" one day very soon, but for now, getting sober from alcohol is my #1 goal. I am also very mindful of my weed intake because I don’t want to switch one bad habit for another.


if its bothering you then stop it but if it’s not then wait for the day it does. I only found out I had a problem the day I tried to quit, up until that point I was quite happy.

That’s a lie bc towards the end I was absolutely miserable that’s when I wanted to stop but couldn’t.

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I think that any mind altering substance that a person chooses to ingest to escspe reality or use as a coping method or to use instead of their desired DOC if they need it or crave it to subside their true DOC is just switching one for the other because it seems harmless but in the long run will turn into an addiction in itself ,coffee tea,energy drinks ,cigarettes anything you use on a daily ritualistic basis is in my opinion but if you feel like your ataining your goals than why does it matter what others think in the end it’s your recovery your journey if your happy with yourself then your in the right mindset it’s your life your story write it as YOU ARE. Not how others want you to be


If you are using it as medication then no in my opinion. But then again people abuse prescriptions also. It’s all about you and your journey. You have to make that decision. No one can really tell you the answer but you. Evaluate yourself honestly. God Bless my friend and keep your journey real!

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No…Marijuana is an addictive drug with both short and long term consequences. The best you will be on it is a pothead who doesn’t use anything else.


I am 2 years clean of alcohol but I will not say that I am sober because I take edibles quasi-regularly and the state of sobriety is to be absent of mind altering substances in my opinion. I think the term sobriety is generally used when people don’t drink or don’t partake in their particular addiction. For instance, I have regularly seen people here say they’ve been sober for 2 months because they have not engaged in porn/gambling/self harm/ect where they may drink. I try to avoid using it like that, but to each their own :man_shrugging:

So what I think is valuable to keep an eye on is if you are supplementing one gratification for another. If your not drinking but your smoking or taking THC daily then your not uprooting or working on the problem at the heart of your alcohol addiction.

Do you crave getting high? Do you use it before parties or gatherings? Does it bridge social interacts for you? If it’s yes to these types of questions then you may be robbing yourself of pure experiences and stunning your spiritual growth.

I have to be very mindful on how and why I’m using THC and ultimately I probably should quit it too, but personally I’m not there yet and I’m regulating/balancing my use. (I am not advocating it though)