If you fall, it's easy to pick yourself back up


Hey guys and gals, this is my 3rd round to try and be sober from alcohol. I’ll never give up trying, so here’s to 25hrs sober. Thank you for having me back.


You’ll always be welcome!! No matter what! We are here to help :slight_smile:


I’ve tried (and failed) countless times to get clean. There’s no reason to beat yourself up for falling cuz we ALL fall; what matters is whether or not we pick ourselves up after we fall. It’s been a long time since I could say I have 6 days clean and I’m proud of it!


Welcome back. Sometimes it’s not as easy to come back. So I’m so glad you are here. That cycle is a hard one. I would encourage you to fix the why’s instead of just abstaining. I tried for years to just stop drinking but everything that was broken inside me was there right under the surface. And I had to face life without that numbing agent. It sucked!!! I finally started Recovery and fixing myself and it got easier. It will never be a walk in the park but the life I’m living now is pretty damn good. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Best wishes.


What did you fix anout yourself to get sober?


Glad having you back! Don’t beat up yourself too hard. Be proud of every sober hour and stay strong. Learn about your triggers and what makes you use or drink. And make plans to be prepared for the next craving or urge. Good luck and keep us updated. You’ll make it :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thank you so much!


Facts. Congrats


Than you for sharing your story, it means a lot.


:green_heart: Thank you


Everyone will or might have different reasons. But my reasons are pretty common come to find out. I lacked the ability to live life on life’s terms. Little stuff would get to me. And little stuff is just that, little. Buttt when you have years worth of petty crap the pile isn’t small. I had to find acceptance. And yeah it’s a simple concept but the application is hardddddd. The question I think we all need to search ourselves for is why do we feel the need to escape. What is it we need to numb to be able to function over? That’s a start to the why’s. I could go on forever about this but I’m sure you have better things to do than read my ramblings. But the thing I keep hearing was all the same just from 100’s of other people. It has served me well.


What @Chad_R says. I tried and failed too many times to count by just trying not drink. Or “white knuckling” it. There was no hope or joy, only a sense of loss and failure. Only once I decided I was willing to stop killing myself, that life was truly worth living and I would have to constantly observe my feelings and reactions to them did I truly start to get better. I had a boyfriend ask me once “why do you have to be on something all the time?” I couldn’t answer at the time. 15 years of active addiction later, I could answer him now.