I'm an Alcoholic

I’ve been working on my sobriety since around Thanksgiving of last year but had realized months before then that my drinking had become a problem. I’m currently in my second real string of sobriety, taking cough medicine when I was really sick was the catalyst for my relapse. Being more educated on the subject now, I know not to touch the stuff anymore!

In my head I’ve known to a degree that I was an alcoholic and maybe even admitted it to myself, but froze up last week when my therapist asked me if I thought I was. How crazy!

My journey started as a challenge to myself to have a dry 2017, but I think instinctively I knew the problem was bigger than that. After more reading and soul searching, I’m finally able to admit to more than my middle of the night thoughts that I’m an alcoholic. I was entering middle stage at an alarming rate, I’m only 29 and didn’t begin my really heavy drinking until about 2-3 years ago. I’m so grateful to be on this path, breaking the legacy of my alcoholic parents!

Thanks for letting me share, I just had to tell someone now that I’m finally ready to admit it and say it “out loud”.


Well done for being able to admit to yourself as that’s probably the hardest things to do. :heart:

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Way to go life is a crazy powerful journey but I believe we can win this terrible fight and beat it against all odds. Krep your head help high and don’t give up!


Well done to your therapist for making you answer your own question. I’ve always thought that if a person wonders if they are an alcoholic, then they most likely are. I’ve wondered for about 10 years or more, and have likely been an alcoholic for longer. Good on you, and give yourself a big hug.


What is “middle stage” alcoholism? Where do i read up on this?

@MrsJones :point_up_2: question for you.


@MrsJones. Welcome to the club.

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lol I love the finger emoji to the above post, got a little chuckle out of that!

Get the book Under the Influence by James R Milam and Katherine Ketchum. It talks all about the different stages and describes each one plus a ton of other things related to alcoholism.

I got the book from Amazon


Does it come with shirts or jackets or something? Maybe a cool initiation ceremony? Lol

Badges! We dont need no stinking badges!


@MrsJones No, but you get to learn the secret handshake. The best part is you get to be with people who truly understand you and deeply care about you. Better than a T-shirt don’t you think?

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I will take a hat then?

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Hhmmm… I learned how to make patches with my embroidery machine…

Yes! I love a secret handshake!

And I’ll take a little camaraderie in our “ism”! That’s definitely a good prize!