Im having a hard time getting sober

Ive been trying to quit drinking every day for months but every day i cave. I dont know how to stop drinking.
Edit: I am a bartender and cant change my profession because this is how i make ends meet


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

First I’d like to say, we know how your feel. You aren’t alone.
Secondly you can get sober, there are many groups and resources that have helped so many. Online meetings even that you can listen to.

This is a great place full of supportive and encouraging people, stick around, read around and keep reaching out.

Today is a good place to start :hugs:


Welcome to a great place to help you start your sobriety journey. 11 days without alcohol for me. First I had to remove any alcohol from my home. Since I am a homebody and don’t go out to bars or social drinking a bit easier to not drink. I did join a program 2 weeks ago and can say I probably would not be sober if not for a professional support system.

Take it 1 day at a time and start off by reading posts at this website when you get up before anything else you do.


Hi Ashley, welcome to the group. That’s a tough profession to be in while quitting drinking… but it’s certainly not impossible. There is a podcast called “Addiction Unlimited” Angela Pugh is the host, she was a bartender and quit drinking while working in that profession. It’s on spotify and I’d start with the early episodes if it interests you. I listened to a lot of her podcasts and they were helpful.

There are users here who are in that profession, hopefully they’ll chime in. Best wishes to you


You can do it, you’ll feel better after the initial struggle. You’ll wonder why people drink so much, :smile:


Hey Ashley
It can be done!!! Even with a job as a bartender (you can’t drink at work anyways so just get the hell outta the bar when your shift ends) Sobriety is within your reach. If someone says a shot for the bartender just say “not while working”.
Once you decide you want to quit - try to change up your routines and possibly the people you hang around with. Join meetings and also ad activities that will keep you busy and occupied when the urges start.
Best of luck to you - you’ve joined a great community and it’s full of support - love and amazing advice. Hope to see you around.

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I couldn’t have gotten sober if I we’re a bartender. And I also understand that people have to make a living. But one thing I see is if you’re going to get sober you have to change everything in your life. I know it’s hard I had lost everything to achieve a amazing new life. You should focus on how you are going to break free the chains will fall. I checked in to facility for 8 days to get through detox. If you knew me you would have never thought I’d be sober. December 12 21 last day of anything mind altering. Just last march 14 23 I quit smoking cigarettes. Boy that was hard but I won. It’s a matter of change dealing with the mental and physical parts of recovery if you can make it the first 60 days it’s easier to a point where you don’t even realize your having fun with out anything. One day at a time friend.


I was a Bartender when I decided it was time to address my drinking and get sober.

I have a good idea of challenges you might be facing. Being around that environment is toxic to recovery.

Just know its possible. It’s hard - but you’re strong. Stronger than you know.

I’m also sympathetic to feeling trapped in a job. I had spent years wanting out of the service industry. Switching careers takes courage and strength, just like choosing to be sober.

Progress doesn’t have to be dramatic and instant. Allow yourself time to grow and make mistakes. Staying firm is important but only half of the story.

You can do it!!! I believe in you!!