Im hella dissociated rn

So, ptsd is fun (not). February was a super shitty month for me and I had some stuff go down back in 2016 and rn it still feels like 2016. I feel all floaty and spacey, like im watching myself in a movie but its not me. None of this feels like me. Nothing feels real. Im on edge too. Im so paranoid, i feel like someone is going to try and hurt me again. I know that im safe and I just need to ride this out but dammit its hard. I feel like that scared kid all over again. Ive cried more today than I have in the past month.

Todays been kinda shitty, but it always gets better.


It does get better it really does then it gets shit then better then shit then the betters become longer and the shit days get shorter just constantly keep working on yourself and a program and I promise you it will a start making sense