I'm just saying hello too everyone

My name is Derick and I’m 7 mnts and 18 days sober and I’m so proud of it can’t wait too continue on this journey and hopefully I can help a few ppl out as well who struggles with this disease


Welcome! I find it’s really helpful to support others and get support here. Glad to have you join, sounds like you’ll have a lot of valuable insight!! Congratulations on your time so far

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Hi 1st time using this on day 4 of no weed. Very isolated.


Welcome Derick! Glad ur here!!

Hey Beckah! Congratulations on your 4 days— the early days can really be a challenge and quite an achievement. Isolation is so tough, especially in early sobriety. I hope you can feel a part of this community while you find in person supports if possible too!

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Thank you. Yea it’s tough. I got 16years up off heroin, came off methadone in Feb. I’m determined. Feel better connecting with this community. Hope you’re well

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Congratulations derrick

Welcome and great job on your sobriety! I love your positive outlook!

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Welcome Derick! You’re in the right place. You can do this!

Beckah, welcome. How are you doing today? You almost have one week! Yeah!