Im just wondering Texas

Anyone from Texas …


I am. Not born and raised but been here long enough that it doesn’t matter. :blush:

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Nice I’m in leander tx

DFW area here.

Dallas! I Love Texas!

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Anyone else around??

Nope. But I heard somewhere or another that you don’t mess with Texas

You’ve heard correctly. We’re pretty proud of our state. :blush:

Is this the GREAT STATE of SOUTH CAROLINA thread??

If you come to Texas I’ll adopt you. But no… This is the Texas thread! :grin:

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Dang it I thought this was the Michigan thread… maybe I should put my glasses back on

My brother in law is from Michigan. Detroit area. He moved here to get a better job. And… He thinks Texas is better. :wink:

Lived in Denton a few years. Miss the briskets!

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Texas brisket is a religion here. :yum: Yum.

I live in the middle of nowhere Texas

I have a question for Texas folk; what constitutes Tex Mex? No one has been able to adequately explain this to me. I get dictionary definitions, but it still does not explain it.

Tex Mex started ages ago… Like 1800s. Here’s a decent article on it.

I finally read this. I am in love with TexMex already. Anything that invented these is okay in my book!!!

“fajitas, nachos, and chili con quest were created in Texas”
“ This gave rise to wheat tortillas, nachos, chili con carne, burritos, and barbacoa. “

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I just made reservations for a biz trip at the end of April. I haven’t been down there in years. Staying at the Galleria. If there are any recommendations for fun things to do let me know.

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Houston or Dallas Galleria?