I'm new and I been sober 2 1/2 months

Well I’ve been sober before and been Rehab. Before. This time I’m in a Christian type place. I need so many things. No sex no boose and no dope. . This time so hard. Also I’m gay. Help…
I’m in Los Angeles and have big issue.


Hello Chipster and welcome!
As I understand you ok you are in rehab now? Detox is hard, but it’s for a good couse and it’s going to be better day by day.
Is there something you can do to set your mind on something different? Maybe listen to music you like?

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Hi Chip, I’m Patrick. I’m gay too, and I’m a recovering drug addict.

I’ve got 36 days clean this time around, but recovery is something I have been working on for years. This is hard. Very few get it right on the first try. The important thing is to keep learning from your mistakes and building on your progress.

There are lots of supportive people here who will listen when you need to vent or offer advice when they have it.

I hope you’ll spend some time reading here and always feel free to share anything that is on your mind. I’ve been grateful to find over time that this is for the most part a judgement free zone.


Welcome. Congratulations on your 2 and a half months sober!

Well this not Detox. It’s a Church and Mission. No sponcers but Menters . How do I keep my self without sex …

There is time for sex when you get better. Probably a good thing to focus on your recovery for a little while.

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Funnie you said that. Cause part of say