I'm new and ready for change


My name is Colton, 30 yrs old.
Im addicted to porno and masturbation. I saw my first porno mag when i was 9 and I was hooked since then. The m.b. is getting out of control I always thought I would grow out it after I got married and had kids, But its gotten worse. Whenever I get bored or stressed out or anxious my brain turns to porn and m.b. to deal with it. 3 yrs ago I took up cigerettes and been trying to quit that too. I am a mess and I’m hurting my family. I am filled with self hate and depression
I hope I meet some people who can offer me some advice and maybe make some new friends. Thanks for reading.


Colton, sometimes I feel like no one else out there goes through what I do. You’ve just reminded me that I am not alone. And neither are you. Thanks.


Thanks Ken. It feels good too know that there’s other people out there like me.