I'm new on here, and also newly sober

Hi my name is Destiny, I’m new on here and hoping to make new friends on here.


Welcome to TS Destiny :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m sure you’ll meet all sorts of great people here in your journey. Best wishes to you


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to our corner of the world! Talking Sober is a pillar of my sobriety

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Thank you :blush:

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Thank you :blush: hopefully it helps me as much as it helps you

Aww thank you so much :smiling_face:

Welcome to the community. Jump right in to any thread that interests you! It’s the best way to start getting to know people–and for people to get to know you. There is also a daily check in thread that may prove useful to you.

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Welcome destiny ! I’m new here too . :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Welcome Destiny
Welcome @Cakess

Glad you found us.
Have a good read around. Join in when you’re comfortable. If you got any questions navigating the app and stuff just ask. We were all new once. The lights are always on.

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Hey Destiny, welcome to the community. :v:

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Hi and warm welcome Destiny :hugs: So, you’re sober, a decision you have recently decided for to quit a substance or some kind of an addictive behavior? Just asking, perhaps you’d want to open yourself a bit. Respect if not, absolutely fine. Take care :100:

Welcome Destiny, it’s lovely to meet you :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Hey Destiney - welcome to the community - a wonderful place to meet great friends. So lovely to meet you :heart:
Hope to see you around :people_hugging: